Best time to book a flight online. Indian airlines flight schedule.

Best Time To Book A Flight Online

best time to book a flight online

    to book
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Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!!! Bench

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!!! Bench

His birthday is actually tomorrow but in order to dedicate our "bench" to him, we had to remember him today! Being a former first grade teacher, these books were a big part of each year. They were great because of the rhyming words, although I must be honest...sometimes they make me wonder about ole' Dr. Seuss...he wrote some weird ones...but some classics too. So this bench is dedicated to him and all of the not so weird books....like "Green Eggs and Ham" and "The Cat in the Hat". And it is exciting because since I am not teaching anymore, I still get to enjoy these books with my kids. I find it funny that one of my little boy's favorite books is not "The Cat in the Hat" but "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back". And I just noticed that it is not even in the stack...which means he has stashed it somewhere...probably in his bed...and this means some others are probably missing as well! Guess I need to go do an inventory after this... =)

what is in my bag:

what is in my bag:

What is in My bag:

-book(harry potter.J.K Rowling)
-memorandum book(Chococat.Sanrio)
-Pen(Hello Kitty.Sanrio)
-Elastic(To hair)


O que esta na minha bolsa:

-oculos de sol
-livro harry potter

best time to book a flight online

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